Mobile Games Briefing: Trends edition Q1 2012

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Last year, global market intelligence firm IDC predicted that 17.7bn apps would be downloaded in 2011, up 117 per cent year-on-year, with app store revenues of $15bn. By the end of the year, that downloads forecast proved conservative.

The apps market is huge, and games represent a crucial segment within this vast space. In March this year, Flurry Analytics estimated that games account for 52 per cent of all app sessions on iOS and Android, having grown by 20.5 times year-on-year. The fact that 17 of the top 25 all-time best-selling paid iPhone apps in the US are games is no accident.

Playing games on mobile phones has truly gone from the margins to the mainstream, and this special new format Mobile Games Briefing looks at key factors of this exploding market by offering expert analysis and insight on:

  • Competing platforms overview – The lowdown on the titanic iOS vs Android battle, and the squabble between Microsoft and RIM for third place in the platform race.
  • Freemium wins – Why the freemium model isn’t a disruptive, upstart new business model any more.
  • Market consolidation – How independent studios with big hits can find themselves at the centre of an acquisition frenzy.
  • HTML5 and Facebook – The crucial role online giants such as Facebook could play in establishing HTML5 as a viable mobile gaming platform.
  • Angry Birds: The outlier? – How rival studios are quickly learning the lessons from Rovio’s success story.
  • The Discovery Problem – Highlighting some of the key approaches to the issue of game discovery within ever-crowded app stores.
  • East goes West – Evaluating the rise and rise of Asian mobile publishers and the likely resulting impact on the wider market.
  • Advertising innovation – An overview of the opportunities (and hurdles) to be found within the evolving mobile advertising landscape.
  • The Clone Wars – The issues surrounding the increasing emergence of blatant copies of popular gaming experiences across the market’s app stores.

The Pocket Mobile Games Briefing: Q1 2012 Trends edition is now available.