Mobile Games Briefing: Rise of the Eastern Giants

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With technologically advanced economies, early adoption of gaming-capable phones, and games hungry populations, Japan and Korea have spawned some of the biggest publishers in the mobile industry globally. Will these new Asian dragons surge westwards, just as Sega and Nintendo did on the 1980s?

This briefing serves as an introduction to a selection of the most important companies to emerge from Japan and South Korea, looking at how they’ve reached their dominant positions in the marketplace and where they’re heading in the future. With advancing domestic markets, China on their doorsteps, and strongly established social gaming networks, their stories are certainly enlightening.

Plenty of opportunities for talented game developers may arise as these Asian dragons glance to the West, looking for ways to invest the cash they’ve accumulated and extend into new markets. How will their presence affect the smartphone and tablet gaming sector?

Our exclusive overview of the Easter Giants includes:

Introduction: The new superpowers of gaming

Japan: Two steps forward, one step back

  • DeNA
  • GREE
  • GungHo

South Korea: More than just a Samsung story

  • Nexon
  • Gamevil
  • NHN