Mobile Games Briefing:
Global Trends Q2 2014

Price: £299.00

As the mobile gaming industry continues to grow and adapt it can be remarkably hard to keep up with the dominant trends. Is publishing dead, or simply metamorphosing? Are indies really turning their backs on smartphone for Steam? Has crowdfunding lost it potency? Why does Finland still hold such a grip on the Western industry? How are Asian investors changing the face of European and Western mobile sectors?

In this report, we’ve answered all these questions and many more as we bring you the ultimate guide to the mobile games space as it stands in mid-2014, brimming with data, expert insight, and core facts from one of the globe’s most dynamic industries.

This exclusive report includes:

  • Publishing services – rewriting the rules about traditional publishing
  • Finland’s role in the mobile games industry – why and how has it dominated for so long?
  • The renaissance of Premium – what do the numbers and experts say?The Asian M&A influence and its impact in the West
  • Discoverability – is the era of burst campaigns, user acquisition, and CPI promotions over?
  • Brazil – an analytical focus on this rising giant
  • The power of Steam – can Valve’s platform muscle in on the realm of the app stores?
  • Crowdfunding – has it swelled beyond use or succeeded in revolutionising mobile development?
  • The return of traditional brand marketing – and why it still matters
  • The rise or demise of mobile IPOs
  • Regional focus – stats, figures, and analysis on ten territories, five of them dominant, and just as many emerging