Mobile Games Briefing: The Tablet Market

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In the space of barely a couple of years, tablets have become mainstream computing devices, combining the portability and accessibility of smartphones with the extra dimension afforded by a larger screen.

Indeed for many applications – including games – tablets are increasingly viewed as direct replacements for laptop and desktop PCs.

Yet this ‘post-PC era’ remains an emerging landscape in flux, where the state of the art can be redefined on a quarterly basis, and where many of the world’s greatest technology companies are throwing everything they’ve got at staking their claim to the future.

With new form factors and entrants to the space having debuted and tablets topping many consumer’s end-of-year wish lists – even as traditional games companies flex their flagging muscles in the wings – this is a crucial time both to take stock, and to consider the outlook for 2013.

Our exclusive overview of the tablet space covers:

An Introduction To The Post-PC Era

The Contenders:

  • Apple: The Leader
  • Google: The Challenger
  • Amazon – Android, but not as we know it
  • Cheap and… Cheerful? The sub-$100 Android tablets.
  • Microsoft: The Newcomer

Identity Crisis: A small PC, or a large phone?

  • A question of size
  • The software perspective

The Empires Strike Back

  • Wii U, Vita, SmartGlass

New Frontiers: When Tablet meets TV