Mobile Games Briefing: App Promotion

Price: £99.00


Perhaps just five years ago you could still finish developing a game and leave it to PR and marketing teams to ensure it received the exposure it needed to sell. Today, finishing a game is simply the beginning of the next phase for a studio: getting the product into the user’s hands.

With the advent of the app stores and rise of mobile gaming, the space has changed dramatically – with models such as incentivised downloads, cross-promotion, ad networks, social media, data tracking, and more fighting for every mobile studio’s attention.

This special report explores these models, cutting through the jargon and spin to get to the heart of what each promotion channel can provide a mobile games business looking to excel in 2014 and beyond.

Our exclusive report on app promotion covers:

  • Why app promotion has never been more complicated
  • The options available to acquire users
  • The mechanics of paying for users
  • A brief history of user acquisition methods
  • A look at CPI rates, past, present, and future
  • How to climb the charts and secure storefront placement
  • Four studios making user acquisition work for them
  • Why social networks still matter
  • A quick guide to the leading service providers